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A Whole New Vintage – Over fifty years in the making, the Shelford Channel is the definitive evolution of the original technologies in Rupert’s classic console modules like the 1073, 1064, 1081 & 2254, thoughtfully advanced and refined for the 21st century studio. The Shelford Channel is built around Rupert Neve’s first new transformer-gain, class-A microphone preamplifier in over 40 years, the “best-of-the-classics” inductor EQ section from the Shelford 5052, a tone-packed Diode bridge compressor, the analog power of variable Silk saturation, a new dual-tap transformer output stage for maintaining headroom or allowing the full driving of the Channel without clipping standard converters, and twice the operating voltage of vintage designs.

With richly-colored tonal options for making bold statements with your music, and precisely-engineered detented controls for recall, the vintage-inspired Shelford Channel maintains the soul of Rupert’s classic designs with new levels of versatility, delivering what can only be described as the combined essence of fifty years of Rupert Neve’s designs.

Input stage and transformer-gain mic pre

Rupert Neve's first new Class A, transformer-gain mic preamplifier in over 40 years makes its debut in the Shelford Channel. Rupert has spec'd this preamp with a direct-coupled transformer input; gain is provided by the custom transformer itself. The proprietary input transformer, and its meticulous integration with the surrounding Class A input amplifiers, plays an outsized role in the Channel's immediately recognizable sonics: punchy and creamy-smooth, with excellent isolation and vanishingly low noise.

The Shelford Channel's front-panel hi-Z instrument input uses the same discrete Class A field-effect transistor with transformer topology as Rupert Neve Designs' acclaimed RNDI; for gain, however, it utilizes the new RN4012 input transformer directly into the mic preamp. This design provides astonishing clarity on hi-Z sources, with substantial low-end weight and silky-smooth high frequencies. The DI also gives you a passive thru output to feed a guitar or bass amp.

  • Mic-DI/Line: switches between microphone/direct injection input and line input
  • GND Lift: disconnects the audio signal ground from chassis earth
  • Signal LED: green indicates Signal Present; red indicates imminent input stage clipping
  • Mic Gain: 12-way precision rotary, controls gain from 0dB to 66dB in 6dB steps
  • Trim: rotary switch provides further continuous gain adjustment of +/-6dB
  • 48V: switch engages phantom power on the mic input
  • Phase: inverts the polarity of the signal path (illuminates when engaged)
  • HPF Freq: engages a 12dB/octave highpass filter, variable from 20Hz-250Hz

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